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When Life Gets In The Way

I've been reposting a lot of old photos lately. Well, not old, but photos that I took weeks/months previously. I've been really busy the past few weeks. In March I shot and developed about 40 rolls of film. The past 3 weeks I've only been able to get through two rolls. I'm really hoping that this is just me being busy with work and not my usual 'fall in love with a new hobby and then leave it after 2 months' deal.

Happy Dancers

My wife and I went to her second cousin's wedding last weekend. It was a lot of fun, and I shot two rolls there. It was the first time I'd touched my camera in about two weeks or so. I tried pushing some black and white film from 400 to 1600 iso. I think it came out okay, but there was no lighting at all at the wedding, and I should have brought a flash or a light to account for that. I still got a few good shots, though.I think part of the reason I didn't get more shots than I did was because I didn't know anyone here. I wasn't hired as a photographer, and I'd only met a handful of people that were at the wedding, so I felt somewhat out of place taking photos of everyone. Towards the end of the night when everyone was dancing and having fun I loosened up and starting clicking more often.

Wes and a cigar.

Everyone at the wedding seemed so kind and happy. I wish I had taken more photos of that. I think that apprehension like this has cost me many photos in the past. I'm less timid doing street photography than being at an event like this, but nevertheless I can recall dozens of times where I let a photo go because I was too nervous to go up and take it. Maybe last weekend was a wakeup call to start taking more photos again, and maybe to start taking photos throughout my day instead of going out of my way to find a photo in a cool spot. I think next week I'll give that a try.

A sharp dresser.

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