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There's more to this photo than meets the eye.

I posted this photo to my Instagram and Reddit. Almost all the comments were, "Wow, this is beautiful!" or "Childbirth is a wonderful thing, congratulations!". And while these comments are absolutely true, there's a bit more to this photo than just a pregnant wife and her unborn son relaxing.

Moments before this was taken, my wife was crying. She was scared, worried, nervous, stressed, tired, and all the other emotions you could fathom. Theodore will be our first child, which is stressful enough, but he's also coming in the middle of a pandemic.

Will we be able to see him after he's born, or will they cart him off for quarantine?

How are we going to afford everything after I've lost my job due to COVID?

What insurance will we use after everything changes?

Will everything return to normal again?

This year has been full of stress, fear, anger, frustration, and now the unknown of a new child.

This photo was taken after my wife was crying, but she doesn't always feel so low. There are small moments, like this one, where everything seems to settle down long enough for her to breathe, and occasionally I will snap a photo of it. We hold onto these times dearly, as it seems like they're more and more rare, so they're more and more special each time.

To me, this picture says more than on the surface. The negative space makes me think of the unknown. My wife's hand on her stomach reminds me that even when things are dark, we're always caring for Theo. The candlelight on the wall feels like a glimpse of hope. And the tired arm with her opened eyes shows how my wife pushes on day by day, regardless of how stressful it can be.

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