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Slava Ukraini, Heroiam Slava.

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

After protesting the Russian Invasion of Ukraine in Loveland on Saturday, a larger and more organized protest was held in downtown Cincinnati today, Monday, February 28th. Protestors met at Fountain Square and marched to City Hall, where speeches were given by protest organizers, protestors, and Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval.

One of the protest organizers, Jane Nemik, spoke to a crowd gathered in front of City Hall after marching from Fountain Square today at 330pm.

"At 5am on February 24th, Russian army attacked Ukraine by deploying missiles and bombs .... Today is the fifth day of this full-blown war where multiple cities are destroyed. Hundreds of people are dead. Killed, just civilians. Including children's hospital, daycares, kindergartens, schools ... they are bombing them as we are standing here." -Jane Nemik

The crowd shouts Ukraine's slogan in Ukranian.

"Slava Ukraini! Heroiam slava!"

It translates to "Glory to Ukraine!" and is responded to with "Glory to the Heroes!"

Слава Україні!

Героям слава!

"We are asking the world to wake up, because Ukraine hasn't slept since the first Russian missile exploded on our land. Glory to Ukraine, Glory to our heroes. Slava Ukraini, Heroiam slava." Says Jane.

Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval addressed the crowd as they held signs with Putin as Hitler along with many blue and yellow Ukrainian flags. His speech thanked organizers of the demonstration, spoke of Cincinnati's sister city Kharkiv, and codemned the violence perpetrated by Vladmir Putin in the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

"The people of Ukraine are the foundation of a sovereign nation, and that sovereignty demands freedom from the threat of foreign violence." - Mayor Aftab Pureval.

Mayor Pureval continued to speak of the relationship between Kharkiv and Cincinnati, and the support Cincinnati gives to Ukraine. He went on to say that Cincinnati has reached out to Kharkiv and the White House to accept and support Ukrainian refugees when needed.

Many other people came forward to speak. Many Ukrainian, some from other countries, including Brazil, Georgia, and Russia. One speaker, Ukrainian Olympic swimmer Serhiy Fesenko, directed his words towards the people of Russia. He asked Russian mothers and citizens to support Ukraine by protesting in the street. He called anyone who tried to stop the protests in Russia cowards and criminals.

The organizers provided letters and envelopes to be mailed to Senator Portman and Senator Brown to ask them to put more strict measures on Russia to stop the invasion of Ukraine. Anyone wanting to help the cause in Ukraine is encouraged to write, call, or email their representatives and ask that they assist Ukraine,

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