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Maybe Wildlife and Nature Photos Can Be Fun

I've always said, "I'm not a nature photographer."

I enjoy seeing other's photos of animals, landscapes, and nature in general, but I've never found any excitement shooting it myself. I've often said that if there wasn't a vehicle or person in the frame, I wasn't interested in taking the photo. Recently I ordered a superzoom lens to get sports photos and wildlife shots, and my opinion about wildlife photography is changing.

Wildlife photography seems to be similar to hunting in many ways. You can't simply stomp around outside and expect to come across perfect wildlife shots. You need to put effort into stalking, being quiet, waiting, watching, and understanding animals' habits and patterns. Zooming into 600mm is great for photos of birds, but 600mm isn't a telescope. If you scare off your subject or don't know what to look for, you miss the photo.

I haven't shot much but what I could come by in the back yard, but I'm expecting to enjoy this more and come out with better shots soon.

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