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FujiFilm X100v - My favorite camera that I regret getting rid of.

Back in late 2019, I was looking for a camera with a fixed lens to shoot digital photos. I didn't want an interchangeable camera that was bulky like my DSLRs, but I didn't want a low-quality point and shoot camera either. I stumbled upon the FujiFilm X100v and immediately fell in love with it. I regret needing to get rid of it a few months after my son was born, not just because it was sentimental (I shot my son's birth on this camera), but because it really was one of my favorite cameras I've ever used.

The X100v has the most interesting rangefinder viewing system I've ever used. With the flick of a switch you can change from live view to a mirrorless screen. With the live view, you can see the square that will take your photo like a rangefinder would, along with additional room to see outside the photo, just like a traditional rangefinder does. For street photos and on the go shooting, this was really convenient to me. I knew that I would be using it mainly for street photography, documentary photos, and family shots. I actually ended up using it all the time, and for exactly what I imagined I would, plus a little extra.

Battery life was okay, but batteries were cheap online. With a few extra pieces attached to the lens, it was fully weather sealed and very compact. Video was not something I bought this for, and I only tried it a handful of times. I wasn't really impressed with the video quality, but that's not what I purchased it for so it wasn't a huge issue to me.

The lens is sharp, wide at 23mm, and fast enough for most situations at f2.0. I was actually very surprised with how much I enjoyed the lens itself.

The film simulations on here are pretty neat. I always shoot in raw for portrait work, but JPEGs work just fine for documentary/street photos. Having the ability to change the style of the photo in camera was pretty neat, and I enjoyed the look of many different film simulations.

This blog post isn't going to dive heavy into the specs of the camera, it's more just an appreciation for it. When I look at reviews, I'm more interested in the final product than the actual review itself, so I'll post a ton of photos in various situations to let you see what you think about it.

I sold this camera because it only served the purpose as a "fun" camera to me. I didn't make any money off the photos I took with it because most of them were personal photos. I wouldn't use this camera specifically to take portraits, because the 23mm lens is just a bit too wide. However, it did serve as a backup camera on a few shoots, and I used a handful of photos I took with it.

I do miss this camera. Maybe in the future I'll get another one, but for now I'll have to mourn it like a lost friend.

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