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Cold, wet, miserable, and gorgeous.

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

As you can tell by the photos in this post, it's cold over here. Everything is covered in a blanket of snow, which is surprisingly not as comfortable as the term 'blanket' makes it seem. Wet shoes, runny noses, loud sighs, and gloves are in excess this week. We just got hit with yet another cold weather system. Most people in my area are miserable, complaining about how they can't wait until summer, cursing as they scrape ice and snow off their cars. But me? I couldn't be happier.

I grew up in Okinawa, Japan. It's a small island in the Asian Pacific, and it doesn't snow there. At all. The coldest it usually gets during the winter is somewhere in the mid to high 50s. Christmas on tropical islands is an interesting sight to anyone from a cold climate. Something about Christmas trees and shorts seems anti-holiday.

I never realized how much I missed snow until I came back to the US to visit when I was 17. The weather dropped suddenly at the beginning of the spring, and I saw the white, fluffy beauty of snow flurries for the first time in years. I couldn't get enough of it, but I flew back to Japan, sure I'd not see it again for a long time. And I didn't.

When I finally moved back to the US, I went to New Mexico. Not exactly the snow capital of the US. During the winter we had some snow stick on the ground for a few hours, but it wasn't really a true winter snow. Luckily, I made my way to the midwest not to long after, and waited patiently for some good snow.

Unfortunately, it took a few years to get some solid snow in the midwest. Most Midwesterners were excited not to have to use their snow blowers, but I was just annoyed that it dropped to single digits so often without the Hallmark movie snow.

The past few years in Ohio, it's snowed here and there, but never really more than an inch or two. Last week, we got 2-3 inches, and it was exciting. Yesterday, 2 more inches fell before the first round of snow melted, so it looks and feels like a proper snow this time. We're in the path of even more snow beginning next week, and the little kid in me is more excited than I'd prefer to say.

Snow is cold, wet, turns brown and dirty as it melts, causes accidents and slows down every day life. But to me, it's almost magical. The scenery is the same, but with an entirely different perspective to it. The white sky and the white snow almost blend together, blurring the lines between up and down. Everything is quiet, beside the crunch of snow under my boots when I walk around. It's cold, but it feels warmer when there's snow on the ground.

When it snows, most people stay inside. It's an excuse to work from home, to put off going to that unwanted appointment, a way to watch movies all day and leave the fireplace on. I prefer going for a hike when it snows, walking around the quiet with fewer, if any, other people around. It's a meditative experience being surrounded by calm, quiet, and cold.

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