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Cincinnati-based Charity is Sending Aid To Ukraine

Military-style boots being packaged in totes for shipping to Ukraine
Military-style boots being packaged in totes for shipping to Ukraine


  1. Cincy4Ukraine is a charity in Cincinnati that is sending supplies to Ukraine

  2. You can help donate by going to the Cincy4Ukraine Facebook and following links to PayPal or Fifth Third Bank

  3. Items can be donated directly to Cincy4Ukraine at 6320 E Kemper Rd, Suite 110 Cincinnati, OH 45241

  4. The most needed items include bulletproof vests and military helmets.

Volunteers inspect supplies and put them in shipping totes

As war rages on in Ukraine, many are left wondering three things; when it will end, how far it will go, and what can someone do to help? Some of those questions will remain unanswered, but a Cincinnati-based charity organization is answering the last question. How can you help people in Ukraine? By donating to Cincy4Ukraine.

Cincy4Ukraine (C4U) is a charity based out of Cincinnati, Ohio dedicated to providing aid to Ukraine in the fight against Russia's invasion. On Thursday, March 10th, C4U sent out the first shipment to Ukraine from their donation center on Kemper Road, which included canned goods, children's shoes, clothing, diapers, and military equipment.

Ukraine needs all the help it can get fighting against Putin and the invasion, and C4U is determined to provide as much as possible.

A truckload of military gear, medical kits, and more arrives to the C4U donation center

Various supplies arrived to the C4U donation center on Thursday morning and were quickly prepared to ship to Ukraine. One group of C4U volunteers are working with humanitarian organizations to send supplies to orphanages in Ukraine. Others in C4U focus on military supplies, including boots, radios, night vision goggles, tourniquets, and bullet proof vests.

Bulletproof vests and helmets are at the top of the list of needed gear, and C4U has been working around the clock to obtain these items through vendors in the USA and donations, but they still need more.

"We found a couple of manufacturers who are doing bullet proof vests in Ohio, California, and Kansas I think." says Nazly Mamedova, a C4U volunteer and immigration attorney. "We just don't have the funds to buy it."

If you would like to donate to help Ukraine through donations or by volunteering, you can find the C4U Facebook page here:

In-person donations of food, medical supplies, military gear, and more can be taken to the Cincy4Ukraine donation center, located at 6320 E Kemper Rd, Suite 110 Cincinnati, OH 45241.

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