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General Portrait Sessions

$150 for 30 minutes, one location, individuals or couples

$225 for one hour, one location, individuals or couples

Fine Art Portrait Session

Starting at $350 per hour. Fine art portrait work requires more discussion of ideas and planning, prices will vary, contact for a better estimate.


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Real Estate Photo, Video, and Drone

Properties up to 3,000 square feet:
$125 for photos.  $200 for video

Properties between 3,000 and 5,000 square feet:
$175 for photos, $250 for video 

Properties over 5,000 square feet:
$300 for photos $100 for drone photos $400 for video 

*additional $50 for drone photos and $75 for drone video


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Protest/Event Photography

$250 per hour up to 3 hours. 
Additional $50 per hour over 3 hours.
Example: 5 hours would be $1,350

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